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Two Cent Sam

Band/Artist – Two Cent Sam

Genera: Rock, Alternative Rock


The Band: Band members include Mike Logiudice (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Bass), Jeff Burke (Guitar), Matt Shaw (Bass), Pete Bienkowski (Drums), Dan Hodgkinson (Keys, Vocals).Reading

“Songs from the Sandbox" is the latest release from Two Cent Sam and the result though far from a self-indulgent ego trip, instead is a moving and elegiac artistic statement from start to finish. This is not your overly predictable Ramon Noodle Alternative Rock, Pop band. Instead Mike Logiudice (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Bass), Jeff Burke (Guitar), Matt Shaw (Bass), Pete Bienkowski (Drums), Dan Hodgkinson (Keys, Vocals).could be classed as a 4 genera artist: Alternative Rock, Rock, Punk and Alternative Pop. Two Cent Sam has way too much precision and clarity to live in the shadows of overly-predictable Pop Rock.  Indeed this is clearly evident in songs like “Be There" and 20 to 12" which methodically ups the ante to a very respectable level of catchy musical expression and craftsmanship. The music is indeed commercially viable with a fresh sound and an entertaining vibe that holds the attentions span of the listener perfectly.  In a nutshell this is The Killers meets The Strokes. The 13 song line-up appeals to many listeners with a wide variety of musical styles.

I would imagine in time we will hear more from this band in the near future. No doubt Two Cent Sam has carved a marketable niche for himself thus far setting himself them up for marketable success over the years to come. I would not be surprised to hear this band head-lining The Warp Tour. But for now I can honestly say this is one artist that clearly gives you a musical snapshot that is highly original, unique and dare I say brilliant in scope.

CD can be purchased @ AMAZON–

Heather Savage


Kindness- House & Cyan

Kindness makes the sort of dance music that makes you feel all warm and cozy inside. The moment (1:21) when ‘House’ (below) descends into a erm… house track is so moving and so euphoric is probably should be illegal.


Icona Pop- I Love It

Oh, hello there, amazing Swedish pop duo Icona Pop.
Oh, hello there, crossover hit of the summer.


AlunaGeorge- Just A Touch

Like1999 featured AlunaGeorge‘s ‘You Know You Like It’ – one of our favourite songs of last year – in September. Just a breezy nine (!) months later, their debut EP – also featuring ‘Just A Touch’ (below) is officially released. Ridiculous production (think Jamie XX on overdrive) and powerful lyrics (‘I’m not hard as a rock, I’m just not easy to break. But don’t take it as an open invitation to try"), the track justifies the growing hype behind the London duo.


Purity Ring- Fineshrine

More utter joy from Purity Ring. Unadulterated bliss.


Pendulum: Pioneers of Electronic Music

On Tuesday Pendulum lead singer and songwriter Robert Swire took to Twitter suggest the split (possibly temporary) of his Australian-British electronic rock group adding, “There will be no further Pendulum live shows. There are no current plans for a new album in 2013."

However, rather than jump to conclusions it’s worth noting that all that has been said is that there will be no “new album in 2013", there’s still 2014, 2015, 2016, etc. for a new album.

Yet, we thought we would take this moment to celebrate Pendulum who have been pioneers of electronic music:

In a 10-year spell, commencing in 2002, Pendulum produced 3 studio albums, gained nearly 2 million Facebook “likes" and played to millions in festivals and arenas.

They were explicitly unique with a key drum & base centre, but had the ability to fuse this with other genres such as rock, house and dance music. It produced a really independent but popular sound.

It was in particular this rock element which always separated Pendulum from the rest- only The Prodigy and Pendulum could really effectively pull this sounds off!

And, Pendulum did it ever so successfully- they got rock kids liking electronic music, they were like the original Skrillex, yet more popular.

It was exemplified in Pendulum’s reputation of having one of the largest, most loyal and hardcore fan bases in electronic music.

However, I believe that the success of Pendulum has all be centered around superb and snappy live shows oozing madness, instruments and noise. It concluded in the name Pendulum being known to comfortably headline nearly any festival or arena.

I was unfortunate in never witnessing Pendulum live, however, I’ve seen the videos and heard the stories and “woah, it was quite a show!"

Of course, a fan base as passionate as Pendulum were distressed over this possible split, but many myself are not as downhearted due to Knife Party:

Knife Party formed as a Pendulum side project by Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, but now are Swire’s and McGrillen’s main musical priority. And, it’s no surprise given the outstanding music they are making.

Since their first live performance in early August last year in Ibiza they have only been going up: 2 excellent EPs, remixes greater than originals and a Swedish House Mafia collaboration which peaked at #4 in the UK, have symbolised a rapid rise!

Knife Party are only going strength from strength and who knows we may to have wait a while but I still feel Pendulum are not completely finished…


D E N A- Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools

Part early M.I.A., part Jentina (blast from the past, much?), D E N A has already delivered the DIY-pop, blog-friendly duo ‘Games’ and ‘Boyfriend’. On her latest release – ‘Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools’ – she turns up the hipster chic to the nth degree. Imagine if someone gave Shelley Duvall a beat sampler and East London makeover…


Haim- Forever

Hey, Saint Lou Lou and 2:54, what’s better than two sisters?
Three sisters.


Lykki Li- Silver Springs

At TOPICALISE, we go through phases with our listening habits, and we can usually predict the 180° abrupt turn we’ll move in. Our recent obsession with the likes of Purity Ring, iamamiwhoami and Poliça (aka, amazing, blip-friendly, bass-heavy, often unrecognisable vocals) was obviously going to lead to such a role reversal towards fore-fronted lyrics, retro-sounding, emotional – still very amazing – guitar music. Enter: Fleetwood Mac (and a four-hour car journey with ‘Rumours’ on repeat).
The soon-to-be-released ‘Just Tell Me That You Want Me – A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac’ perhaps should be approached with caution. However, Lykki Li – far from a stranger to tragedy-induced pop songs – has set the bar sky-high with the ‘Go Your Own Way’ b-side ‘Silver Springs’. Enter: regret, longing and utter wonderment.


Lana Del Rey- National Anthem

One of the stand out songs of the superb Del Rey debut ‘Born To Die’ now has a superb piece of typical, vintage Del Rey cinema to accompany it.

It features rapper A$AP Rocky playing former US President John F. Kennedy, whilst Lana plays his wife Jacqueline Kennedy in a 7 minutes 40 seconds masterpiece.



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